Independent label: Label from Manchester, founded by Rob Gretton, ex-manager of Joy Division and New Order. Manchester Records was a sub-label of Robs Records former address: Robs Records 11 Whitworth St. West Manchester M1 5WG. Distributed By Robs Records.

95 Gabrielle'S Wish  Marooned   MANCHESTER MANC 1
95 Gabrielle'S Wish                      Gabrielle'S Wish    MANCHESTER MANC 2
95 Kill Laura   Glossy Ep (Cd) MANCHESTER MANC 3
96 Kill Laura Olympia  MANCHESTER MANC 4
97 Gabrielle'S Wish        Golded Up Ep (Cd) MANCHESTER MANC 5
97 Jane Weaver We Are Modern (Cd) MANCHESTER MANC 6
98 Jane Weaver Scream And Shout (Cd) MANCHESTER MANC 7
98 Jane Weaver Cupboard Love (Cd) MANCHESTER MANC 8
98 Doves & Jane Weaver Everyone Knows Everyone Else MANCHESTER MANC 9

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