Melting Vinyl Records was a DIY label. It managed one single. It issued singles in an MV-000 numerical series. This 7″ was issued for the Brighton Crawl in 1998, and was the same idea as the Camden Crawl (one area with loads of bands in loads of venues over one night with one ticket). Unfortunately it wasn’t manufactured in time for the event, so attendees were given a coupon which they could then send off for to claim their disc. As would be expected, many people never got round to this leaving Melting Vinyl (a small local gig promotion business) with hundreds of spares for years afterwards. Melting Vinyl Records Former Address P.O.Box 2927 Brighton East Sussex BN1 3SX. Distributed By Melting Vinyl Records.

98 Various Artists Brighton Crawl  MELTING VINYL MV 001

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