Independent label: Merry Go-Round Records. It managed three singles. It issued singles in an MERRY-0 and 000 numerical series. Merry Go-Round Records Former Address: Flat One 347 Queenstown Road London SW8 4LH. Flashback V, was a Garage, Folk-Rock and R&B band from Barcelona, Spain. Formed in 1990, its bam members were Marc Argenter (guitar), Quim Garcia (bass) and Sara Porter (organ). Disbanded in 1996. The Nuthins was a Garage beat band from Salisbury, Wiltshire. The Mourning Afterwas a Garage rock band from Sheffield. Distributed By Merry Go-Round Records.

92 The Flashback-V Ugly Thing MERRY GO-ROUND MERRY 1
92 Nuthins Allergic Kiss MERRY GO-ROUND MERRY 2
93 The Mourning After Do Your Thing MERRY GO-ROUND MERRY 003

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