Independent Reggae label: Metronome Records. It managed one single. It issued singles in an TS-000 numerical series. Theophilus Beckford (1935 19 February 2001) was a Jamaican pianist and one of the pioneers of Jamaican popular music during the transition from Rhythm 'n' Blues to Jamaican Ska. Beckford was born in 1935 in Trench Town, Kingston, Jamaica. In 1992, "Easy Snappin'" was used in a television commercial for jeans, but again, Beckford received no royalties. Although he performed on hundreds of popular records, the lack of financial reward received by Beckford was a constant complaint. Beckford died on 19 February 2001 as a result of injuries sustained from a machete wound to the head after an argument with a neighbour in the Washington Gardens area of Kingston. Distributed By Jet Star Records.

92 Theopholus Beckford  Easy Snapping  METRONOME MR 001

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