Independent label: Mind Horizon Recordings Was Founded By Phil Howells, Damian Lazarusin London In 1998. It managed one single. It issued singles in an MHR-000 numerical series. Lisp was an English trip hop band from East London. Formed in 1995, they were signed to Mind Horizon Recordings, a subsidiary of London Records, on which they released their first and only album, Cycles (2000), which saw radio success from its singles "Flatspin" and "Long Way to Climb". lineup Paul Willmott on keyboard, vocalist Johnnie Gordon, guitarist Brad Rubinstein, bassist Jason Hall, and drummer Adam Rich. Distributed By London Records.

98 Various Artists MHR.EP.01 (12") MIND HORIZON RECORDINGS MHR 001
99 Position Normal  Nostrils And Eyes  MIND HORIZON RECORDINGS MHR 002
99 Position Normal  Stop Your Nonsense (Album) MIND HORIZON RECORDINGS MHR 003
99 Lisp Flatspin ‎(12") MIND HORIZON RECORDINGS MHR 004
99 Lisp Long Way To Climb  MIND HORIZON RECORDINGS MHR 005

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