Independent label: Modern Independent Records. It managed four singles. It issued singles in an M.I.R-000 numerical series. Eska Formed in 1994 in Glasgow, Scotland. Members Andrew Hopkins (drums), Colin Kearney (guitar, vocals), Chris Mack (guitar, vocals), Kenny MacLeod (bass). Pink Kross was a Glasgow indie-rock group consisting of Vic Blue, Jane Strain and Jude Fuzz. Urusei Yatsura were a Glaswegian alternative rock, indie rock band. Founding members Fergus Lawrie and Graham Kemp They recruited Elaine Graham as bass and Ian Graham, on drums. Distributed By Modern Independent Records.

95 Blisters / Urusei Yatsura Split Single MODERN INDEPENDENT M.I.R. 001
95 Domino Rally & Magnus Lawrie Art School Cool MODERN INDEPENDENT M.I.R. 002
95 Eska   Trucking & Paving MODERN INDEPENDENT M.I.R. 003
95 Pink Kross  Abomination MODERN INDEPENDENT M.I.R. 004

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