Independent label: Moksha Recordings Label founded and run by Charles Cosh, mainly releasing alternative electronic music. Originally started in 1986 and named by cga (FKA Colin Angus) to release The Shamen. Currently releasing Kosheen. Parent Label: Moksha Recordings Ltd. Former Address: PO Box 102 London E15 2HH. SOMA TP 7 was a White label, it came free with their 'Phorward' 10" LP. Different versions to SOMA 4, these were originally recorded for an advertising campaign for Scottish & Newcastle breweries, S&N (major Conservative party donors) then heard the band's song Shitting On Britain (referring to Mrs. Thatcher) and pulled the deal. The Shamen were a Scottish psychedelic-influenced electronic dance music band from Aberdeen, Scotland. The founding members are Colin Angus (born 24 August 1961), Derek McKenzie (born 27 February 1964) and Keith McKenzie (born 30 August 1961). Peter Stephenson (born 1 March 1962) joined shortly after to take over keyboards from Colin. Several other people were later in the band. Colin Angus then teamed up with Will Sinnott who together found credibility as pioneers of rock/dance crossover, before moving on to international commercial success when joined by Mr. C with "Ebeneezer Goode" and the Boss Drum 1992. Distributed By Nine Mile And the Cartel.

98 Shamen U Nations (12") MOKSHA MOKSHA 01
98 Ecologist    Atom Of Love MOKSHA MOKSHA 02

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