Independent label: Mook Records Begun in 1995 and was connected to a Leeds recording studio. It managed one singles. It issued singles in an TS-000 numerical series. Mook Records Former Address: P.O. Box 155 Leeds, LS7 2XN. Distributed By Shellshock Records.

95 Coping Saw Slamina MOOK MK 01
96 Bin Bag Grandads Don'T Indicate MOOK MK 02
96 Chest Destiny Phones ‎(10") MOOK MK 03
96 Rudolf Rocker A Selection Of Cheeses ‎(10") MOOK MK 04
96 Chest Angels MOOK MK 05
96 Fuzzbird Welcome to Santa's Sex Shop (CD) MOOK MK 06
97 Mama Scuba  She'S Good MOOK MK 07
97 Rudolf Rocker Rousseau MOOK MK 08

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