Naked Records was a mid-1990s independent record label that was set up by former Curiosity Killed The Cat members Nick Thorp and Migi Drummond, and featured the indie rock band Velvet Jones. The company was formed in 1995 and was acquired by software company Eidos in 1996, with Thorp and Drummond staying on in their roles as company directors. It issued singles in an SS-000 numerical series. Distributed By Pinnacle Records.

95 Not Traced NAKED SS 001
95 Not Traced NAKED SS 002
95 Not Traced NAKED SS 003
95 Velvet Jones  Scuse Me ‎(CD) NAKED NAKED CDS 004
96 Velvet Jones  Exclusive NAKED NKDSS 005
96 Velvet Jones  Twisted  NAKED SS 006
97 Super 8  Something Wicked NAKED SS 007
97 Velvet Jones  Worrying About Your Life NAKED SS 008
97 Super 8 First Female Astronaut NAKED SS 009
97 Velvet Jones Velvet Jones Sampler (CD) NAKED NAKED CD 010
97 Super 8  Lately NAKED SS 011
97 Super 8 Something Wicked  NAKED FEHU 701

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