Network 90 Records was a DIY label. It managed one singles. The first proper single by Blaggers ITA was released on Matty Blag's Network 90 label. Matty had no distribution deal and so all 1000 copies were sold at gigs in the UK and abroad, and came with a plain white labels. It issued singles in an TS-000 numerical series. Blaggers ITA (formerly The Blaggers) were a British Oi!/punk band founded in 1988.[1] Vocalist Matty 'Blagg' Roberts lead vocals. Christy Robson - rapper/DJ. Steve Serious - guitar. Paul The Pig - guitar. Matt Vinyl - bass. Jason 'Wrist Action Jackson' Cook - drums. Brendan 'Rimmer' Hodges - trumpet. Carlos Coutinho - keyboards. The band had close links with Anti Fascist Action (AFA), donating money to the organisation and promoting its ideology. Distributed By Network 90 Records.

90 Blaggers I.T.A.  Its Up To You  NETWORK 90  WWFC 1

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