Independent label: Noisebox Records Was An Offshoot Of The Popular Noisebox Rehearsal And Recording Studios, Which Were Originally Situated In The Old Fishmarket On Mountergate In Norwich Before Moving To The Old Avery Scales Building On King Street (Next To The Waterfront, Now The Home Of Access To Music). Both The Noisebox Studio And Label Were Set Up By Pete Morgan, An Ex-Employee Of The Uea Who Had Spotted A Need In The Area For A Rehearsal Studio With Add-On Facilities. The Record Label, Inspired By The "Factory Records" Model, Produced Some 50 Releases In All Available Formats Over A Period Spanning 1993 To 2001, Including Some Of Norwich'S Finer Moments In 1990S Music. The Label Also Spawned A Subsidiary Label Called Planet Noisebox, Which Was Designed To Showcase The More Ambient/Breakbeat And Electronica Acts From The Area. It issued singles in an NBX-000 numerical series. Noisebox Records Former Address: Fishmarket, Mountergate, Norwich, NR1 1PZ and 135/137 King Street, Norwich, NR1 1QH From 1998 onwards. Distributed By Backs and RTM Records.

93 Various Artists Techno/Ambient (12") NOISEBOX NBX 001
93 Various Artists Backwater One ‎(12") NOISEBOX NBX 002
94 Not Issued NOISEBOX NBX 003
94 Various Artists Backwater Two  ‎(Cd) NOISEBOX NBX 004
94 Spellbound Dark Days Ep  ‎(Cd) NOISEBOX NBX 005
94 Various Artists Backwater Three ‎(Cd) NOISEBOX NBX 006
94 Various Artists Mechanical Paradise (Cd) NOISEBOX NBX 007
94 Waddle Food NOISEBOX NBX 008
95 Various Artists Backwater Four  (Cd) NOISEBOX NBX 009
95 Faceless Achievement (Cd) NOISEBOX NBX 010
95 Lemongrowers Segments (Cd) NOISEBOX NBX 011
95 Ivy  How Do You Know It'S For Real NOISEBOX NBX 012
95 Magoo  Mudshark Ep NOISEBOX NBX 013
95 Joyland Sun (Cd) NOISEBOX NBX 014
95 Joeys Number One NOISEBOX NBX 015
95 Magoo  Robot Carnival  NOISEBOX NBX 016
95 Lemongrowers Lemon Grove NOISEBOX NBX 017
95 Various Artists Now That'S What I Call Noisebox (Cd) NOISEBOX NBX 018
95 Joeys  Bruno Brown NOISEBOX NBX 019
96 Magoo  Eye Spy Ep NOISEBOX NBX 020
96 Arsehole Ride Ride NOISEBOX NBX 021
96 Navigator Killtaker NOISEBOX NBX 022
96 Waddle Cheeseburger  (Cd) NOISEBOX NBX 023
96 Ivy  In The Absence Of Angels  (Cd) NOISEBOX NBX 024
96 Lemongrowers The Beautiful  (Cd) NOISEBOX NBX 025
96 Navigator A Little Astronomy  NOISEBOX NBX 026
97 Navigator When The Wires Fall  NOISEBOX NBX 027
97 Navigator Assay NOISEBOX NBX 028
97 Crest/English Electric Split Single (Low Staff Morale) NOISEBOX NBX 029
97 Velvia Genial NOISEBOX NBX 030
97 Waddle/Egg Untitled Split 7" NOISEBOX NBX 031
97 Lemongrowers Ultimate Mutation  (Cd) NOISEBOX NBX 032
97 Various Artists 33.3 Ep  NOISEBOX NBX 033
98 Crest 68 Comeback  NOISEBOX NBX 034
98 Fleece/Emulsion  Split Single  NOISEBOX NBX 035
98 Magoo  Close Continental Dna  (Cd) NOISEBOX NBX 036
98 Fleece Mona Lisa/Driver NOISEBOX NBX 037
98 B -Mer/Doolittle 4 Song Split Ep NOISEBOX NBX 038
98 Crest Summertime / Against The Landslide NOISEBOX NBX 039
98 Fleece This Is What You Get For Love (Cd) NOISEBOX NBX 040
98 Navigator Noisebox Singles (Unreleased) (Cd) NOISEBOX NBX 041
99 Crest The Small Details NOISEBOX NBX 042
99 Fleece Man From Mars NOISEBOX NBX 043
99 Farrah Terry NOISEBOX NBX 044
99 Crest  Unreleased Album  NOISEBOX NBX 045
2000 Fiel Garvie Pre-Vv Ep (Cd) NOISEBOX NBX 046
2000 Fiel Garvie Vuka Vuka  (Cd) NOISEBOX NBX 047
2000 Fiel Garvie Difference Of Me/Risk NOISEBOX NBX 048

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