Independent label: One Louder Records issued singles in an LOUD-0 numerical series. Distributed By SRD and Shellshock Records.

94 Man Or Astro-Man Mission Into Chaos ONE LOUDER LOUD 1
94 Bum Mrs. Rock And Roll ONE LOUDER LOUD 2
94 Huevos Rancheros Rockin' In The Henhouse ONE LOUDER LOUD 3
94 Man Or Astro-Man Your Weight On The Moon (10") ONE LOUDER LOUDER 4
95 Man Or Astroman Return To Chaos ONE LOUDER LOUD 5
95 Man Or Astro-Man Live Transmissions From Uranus (Album) ONE LOUDER LOUDER 6
95 Huevos Rancheros Dig In (Cd) ONE LOUDER LOUDEST 7
95 Man Or Astro-Man Intravenous Television Continuum (Album) ONE LOUDER LOUDER 8
95 Quadrajets Dixie Speedway ONE LOUDER LOUD 9
95 Man Or Astro-Man Deluxe Men In Space ONE LOUDER LOUD 10
96 Mcrackins It'S Raining ONE LOUDER LOUD 11
96 Man Or Astro-Man Experiment Zero (Album) ONE LOUDER LOUDER 12
96 Witchdoktors Spaceship Girl  ONE LOUDER LOUD 13
96 Southern Culture On The Skids White Trash ONE LOUDER LOUD 14
96 Drags, The Conspiracy ONE LOUDER LOUD 15
96 Quadrajets A Little More Speed (10") ONE LOUDER LOUDER 16
96 Servotron Electrical Power Sources For The Electrocution ONE LOUDER LOUD 17
96 Witchdoktors Brain Machine (Album) ONE LOUDER LOUDEST 18
96 Servotron No Room For Humans (Album) ONE LOUDER LOUDER 19
96 Mcrackins  Back To The Crack (Album) ONE LOUDER LOUDER 20
97 Divers Chevron ONE LOUDER LOUD 21
97 Servotron Spare Parts (10") ONE LOUDER LOUDER 22
97 Man Or Astro-Man 1000X (10") ONE LOUDER LOUD 23
97 Electric Frankenstein Action High (Album) ONE LOUDER LOUDER 24
97 Man Or Astro-Man Made From Technetium (Album) ONE LOUDER LOUD 25
97 Mcrackins Live In Madrid (Album) ONE LOUDER LOUDER 26
98 Servotron I Sing! The Body Cybernetic ONE LOUDER LOUD 27
98 Servotron Entertainment Program For Humans  (Album) ONE LOUDER LOUDER 28
98 Woggles Wailin' With The Woggles (10") ONE LOUDER LOUDER 29
98 Kodiak Emotional Rail ONE LOUDER LOUD 30
98 Kodiak Upsetter ONE LOUDER LOUD 31

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