Independent Reggae label: Orchid Records was a Jamaican Dub label. Production by Lee Perry. Marketed by Sprint Records. It issued singles in an ORC-700 numerical series. Distributed By Sprint Records.

96 Laxley Castell Jah Love Is Sweeter ORCHID ORC 707
96 Junior Byles Curley Locks ORCHID ORC 708
97 Devon Irons / Upsetters Ketch Vampire ORCHID ORC 709
98 Gatherers, The / Upsetters Words Of My Mouth ORCHID ORC 710
98 Debra Keese & Black Five, The / Upsetters Travelling / Nymbia Dub ORCHID ORC 711
98 Junior Byles Beat Down Babylon ORCHID ORC 712
98 Lee Perry Roast Fish & Corn Bread / Free The Weed ORCHID ORC 713
98 Junior Byles A Place Call Africa ORCHID ORC 714
98 Lee Perry Dyon Anaswa / Psyche & Trim ORCHID ORC 715

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