Independent label: Outsider Records was an Industrial and Dark Ambient label. It issued singles in an OUT-000 numerical series. Outsider Records Former Address: 10 Yarborough Road, Lincoln, Lincolnshire 1N1 1HS. Distributed By SHK/Disc.

96 Delphium Breeding Bad Blood EP OUTSIDER OUT 001
97 Cacophony '33' Kangorama / Swamp Wasser OUTSIDER OUT 002
97 Delphium How Can You Hide From What Never Goes Away (CD) OUTSIDER OUT 003CD
97 Band Of Pain / Stephen Meixner Rattle / Mannequin OUTSIDER OUT 004
97 D.A.R.K. It's D.A.R.K. At Night OUTSIDER OUT 005
97 Not Traced OUTSIDER OUT 006
2000 Contrastate Extract No. 10 OUTSIDER OUT 007

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