Oxygen Records Was A DIY label,  And An Alternative Pop-Dance Offshoot Of MCA (UK). It issued singles in an GASP-000 numerical series. The Lemon Trees were a 1990s UK pop band consisting of Guy Chambers, twin brothers Paul Stacey and Jeremy Stacey, Alex Lewis and Paul Holman. The band formed in 1993. Kinky Machine were a 1990s indie rock band. The band was formed in West London in late 1991 by Louis Eliot (vocals, guitar) and Julian Fenton (drums), adding Johnny Bull (guitar), and Malcolm Pardon (bass guitar). Horse (born Horse McDonald, 22 November 1958, Newport on Tay, Fife, Scotland) is a Scottish female singer-songwriter. Distributed By MCA Records.

92 Lemon Trees Love In Your Eyes OXYGEN GASP 1
92 Lemon Trees The Way I Feel OXYGEN GASP 2
93 Lemon Trees Let It Loose OXYGEN GASP 3
93 Lemon Trees Child Of Love ‎(12")  OXYGEN GASPT 4
93 Kinky Machine  Shockaholic   OXYGEN GASP 5
93 Lemon Trees I Can't Face The World ‎(CD)  OXYGEN GASPD 6
93 Horse Shake This Mountain  OXYGEN GASP 7
93 Not Traced OXYGEN GASP 8
93 Kinky Machine  Going Out With God ‎(12")  OXYGEN GASPT 9
93 Horse God's Home Movie   OXYGEN GASP 10

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