Independent label: Paisley Park Records was Prince's record label, which was distributed by and funded in part by Warner Bros. Records. It was started in 1985, following the success of the film and album Purple Rain. The label shares its name with Prince's recording complex Paisley Park Studios and the song "Paisley Park"  It issued singles in an Warner Bros W-0000 numerical series. In 1994, Prince's feud with Warner Bros., Warner ended its distribution deal with Paisley Park, effectively closing the label. With Prince retaining the masters of all artists. Prince later started NPG Records. Distributed By Warner Bros.

91 Prince Gett Off PAISLEY PARK W 0056
91 Prince Cream PAISLEY PARK W 0061
91 Prince Diamonds And Pearls PAISLEY PARK W 0075
92 Prince Money Don'T Matter 2 Night PAISLEY PARK W 0091
92 Prince Thunder PAISLEY PARK W 0113 
92 Prince Sexy Mf PAISLEY PARK W 0123
92 Prince My Name Is Prince PAISLEY PARK W 0132
92 Prince 7 PAISLEY PARK W 0147
93 Prince The Morning Papers PAISLEY PARK W 0162
93 Prince Peach PAISLEY PARK W 0210
93 Prince Controversy PAISLEY PARK W 0215

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