Independent label: Paradox Records was a London based sub-label of A&M Records, it was a second home to several former A&M artists such as Evil Superstars and Joyrider. The label was active from 1995 to 1998. It issued singles in an PDOXD-000 numerical series. Evil Superstars was a Belgian indie rock band led by Mauro Pawlowski. Among its members was Millionaire and Eagles of Death Metal guitarist Tim Vanhamel.Evil Superstars was formed in 1992 in Heusden-Zolder, Belgium. The original members were: Mauro Pawlowski, vocals and guitar
Marc Requilé, samples and keyboards Bart Vandebroek, bass guitar Bart Vandeput, drums. Joyrider were a rock band from Portadown, Northern Ireland. The band consisted of Phil Woolsey (guitar, vocals), Cliff Mitchell (guitar), Simon Haddock (bass) and Keith Irwin, Buc Hamill / Carl Alty (drums). Joyrider initially signed to Andy Cairns' Blunt record label, but after releasing their first two EPs signed a recording contract with Paradox Records. Scarce is an Alternative rock band formed in Rhode Island, New York, USA. They were active from 1993 to 1997. Formed by former Anastasia Screamed singer Chick Graning, Joyce Raskin and Jud Ehrbar in Rhode Island in 1993. In 1997, due to emotional and musical distances growing in the band, Graning and Raskin decided to part ways and the band split up. 16 Horsepower was an American alternative country music group based in Denver, Colorado.  the band consisted of David Eugene Edwards, Jean-Yves Tola, and Pascal Humbert. Distributed By Vital Records.

95 Joyrider  Seven Sisters PARADOX PDOXD 001
95 Joyrider  It Moved PARADOX PDOXD 003
95 Scarce Freakshadow PARADOX PDOXD 003
95 Joyrider Self Infliction PARADOX PDOXD 004
95 Scarce Glamourizing Cigarettes PARADOX PDOXD 005
95 Joyrider Fabulae PARADOX PDOXD 006
95 Evil Superstars Hairfacts PARADOX PDOXD 007
96 Joyrider Vegetable Animal Mineral PARADOX PDOXD 008
96 Evil Superstars Satan Is In My Ass  PARADOX PDOXD 009
96 Evil Superstars Pantomiming With Her Parents PARADOX PDOXD 010
96 Joyrider  Another Skunk Song PARADOX PDOXD 011
96 Joyrider  Rush Hour PARADOX PDOXD 012
96 Not Issued PARADOX PDOXD 013
96 Scarce Days Like This PARADOX PDOXD 014
96 16 Horsepower Haw PARADOX PDOXD 015
96 Not Issued PARADOX PDOXD 016
98 Evil Superstars  B.A.B.Y. PARADOX PDOXD 017
98 Evil Superstars  Boogie-Children-R-Us            PARADOX PDOXD 018
98 Evil Superstars  It's A Sad Sad Planet (CD)  PARADOX PDOXD 019

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