Independent label: Parallel Records. It managed at least one singles. It issued singles in an LLL-0 numerical series. Bang Bang Machine were a cult indie band from Evesham, Worcestershire. They formed in 1989 and split up in 1996 after record company troubles. Band members Steve Eagles: Guitar Elizabeth Freeth: Vocals Stan Lee: Bass Lamp: Drums. Back To The Planet are an anarcho-punk band from London. Back To The Planet was formed while squatting together in Peckham, London in 1989. Band Members Fil Walters (Aka Fil Planet)  Vocals Guy Mcaffer (Aka The Geezer) Keyboards Carl Hendrickse (Aka Carlos Fandango) Bass Fraggle (Bernard Malcolm Clive Fletcher) French Bassoon Henry Cullen (Aka D.A.V.E. The Drummer) Drums Alex Hore Guitar Marshall enn Guitar. Distributed By Parallel Records.

92 Bang Bang Machine Evil Circus E.P.  (12") PARALLEL LLLX 1
93 Bang Bang Machine Technologica (12") PARALLEL LLLX 2
93 Back To The Planet Teenage Turtles (12") PARALLEL LLLX 3
93 Not Traced PARALLEL LLL 4
93 Bang Bang Machine Geek Love (12") PARALLEL LLLX 5
93 Back To The Planet Please Don't Fight (12") PARALLEL LLLX 6
93 Not Traced PARALLEL LLL 7
93 Back To The Planet Daydream PARALLEL LLL 8

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