Independent label: Parkway Records was formed by John Best and Phill Savidge. It managed one singles. It issued singles in an PARK-000 numerical series. Powder were a Britpop band, who existed between 1994 and 1997, and released three singles on Parkway Records. Signed in late 1994 by music public relations agents John Best and Phill Savidge, they were the first band on the label. Powder were fronted by Pearl Lowe, with songwriters Mark Thomas on guitar and Tim McTighe on bass and James Walden on drums. Fluffy was an all-female punk rock band from London active between 1994 and 1998. The band formed in 1994 after classmates, Amanda Rootes and Angie Adams. Distributed By Vital Records.

95 Powder 20Th Century Gods PARKWAY PARK 001
95 Powder Afrodisiac  PARKWAY PARK 002
95 Fluffy Hypersonic PARKWAY PARK 003
96 Suga Bullit Suga Shack  PARKWAY PARK 004
96 Powder Deep Fried Ep PARKWAY PARK 005
96 Fluffy Husband  PARKWAY PARK 006
96 Suga Bullit Live & Direct ‎(12") PARKWAY PARK 007
96 Powder Mcmxcv ‎(Cd) PARKWAY PARK 008
96 Not Traced PARKWAY PARK 009
96 Not Traced PARKWAY PARK 010
96 Not Traced PARKWAY PARK 011
96 Not Traced PARKWAY PARK 012
96 Jonah Sly PARKWAY PARK 0013

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