Independent label: Perfecto Records is a United Kingdom based trance record label. Perfecto was founded by electronic music record producer and DJ Paul Oakenfold in 1989. At the time, house music and the balearic style was beginning to break into the mainstream and Oakenfold was working as an A&R man for Champion Records. It issued singles in BMG Records PB and 74321-00000 numerical series. Distributed By BMG Records.

90 Clail Gary On-U Sound System Beef PERFECTO PB 43843
90 Law Lynda I Don'T Want Your Love PERFECTO PB 43957
91 Clail Gary On-U Sound System Human Nature PERFECTO PB 44401
91 Lost Techno Funk PERFECTO PB 44560
91 Clail Gary On-U Sound System Escape PERFECTO PB 44563
91 Dj Carl Cox I Want You PERFECTO PB 44885
91 Clail Gary On-U Sound System The Emotional Hooligan PERFECTO PB 44951
91 Owens Robert I'Ll Be Your Friend PERFECTO PB 45161
92 Jimi Polo  Express Yourself PERFECTO 74321 10182 7
92 Dj Carl Cox Does It Feel Good To You PERFECTO 74321 10287 7
92 Clail Gary On-U Sound System Who Pays The Piper PERFECTO 74321 11701 7

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