Independent label: Piao! Records was formed by Chris Phillips & Loretta Cubberly-Gomis in 1994. It issued singles in an PIAO!-0 numerical series. Piao! Records Former Address: Flat 6 The Vicarage Mayfield Road London N8 9LP. Chris Phillips & Loretta Cubberly-Gomis set up the PIAO festival in Hammersmith (nearly 40 bands over two days, including Prolapse, Gorky's Zygotic Mynci, Sister George, Frantic Spiders, Pussycat Trash, Coping Saw) with Chris Phillips and Loretta Cubberly-Gomis. Chris and Rupert Cook were the organisers of the Chocolate Psychosis shows at the Monarch in Camden (when it was just a pub - and the home turf of the scene), and the Chocolate Narcotic record label. Chris and Loretta go on to launch PIAO Records and a PIAO night at the Laurel Tree, a pub with a tiny upstairs room festooned with Pet Shop Boys posters in frames. Distributed By SRD Records.

94 Emperor Julian Disco Gene PIAO! PIAO! 1
94 Lung Leg The Negative Delinquent Autopsy PIAO! PIAO! 2
95 Emperor Julian Wonderful Boyfriend PIAO! PIAO! 3
95 Heck Yin Misgivings    PIAO! PIAO! 4
95 Lung Leg Shagg The Tiger PIAO! PIAO! 5
96 Emperor Julian Ghosts Of Icons PIAO! PIAO! 6
97 Girlfrendo Friday Nite Lovebite PIAO! PIAO! 7
97 Tunic Wizzard / Wipeout PIAO! PIAO! 8
97 Girlfrendo Heartbreakers PIAO! PIAO! 9
97 Add N To (X) / Fridge Demon Seed / Asthma PIAO! PIAO! 10
98 Tram Nothing Left To Say PIAO! PIAO! 11
98 Piano Magic The Fun Of The Century (12") PIAO! PIAO! 12
98 Girlfrendo Air PIAO! PIAO! 13
99 Tram High Ground PIAO! PIAO! 14
99 Miss Mend Living City Plan PIAO! PIAO! 15
99 Tram Heavy Black Frame (Album) PIAO! PIAO! 16
99 Comet Gain Red Menace PIAO! PIAO! 17
99 Broken Dog They Were Real PIAO! PIAO! 18
99 Girlfrendo Heartbreakers  PIAO! PIAO! 19
99 Broken Dog Sleeve With Hearts (Album) PIAO! PIAO! 20
99 Miss Mend Macrometric PIAO! PIAO! 21
97 Tram Nothing Left To Say PIAO! PIAO! 001

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