Independent label: Pink Box was set up as a hobby business by record collecting fans Sue and Chris Garland in 1994, not as a record label but to sell rock and indie records at record fairs around Central England. The name Pink Box coming from the record storage boxes. Frustrated by the lack of national coverage to bands from the East Midlands they decided to release a record on there own label (without any idea of what they were doing). Costs were obtained for recording time and vinyl pressing and it was on the recommendation of Cordelia Recording Studio owner/engineer Alan Jenkins that Kyoka were approached for what was to become the first release.  It issued singles in an TS-000 numerical series. Kyoka was formed by three friends Karla Wentworth, Steve Duffy and Hannah Tounsend in or around Market Bosworth, Leicestershire. They were later supplemented by college friends James McGee and Peter Halverson. Ist in name only was formed by Kenton Hall, with Pete Halverson and James McGee (from Kyoka) and Mark Robbins who Kenton had met whilst working in a pub in Belper. Distributed By Pink Box Records.

1998 Kyoka (3) Throw It Away PINK BOX PINK 001
2001 Ist The Adult Tree E.P. (12") PINK BOX PINK 002T
2002 Ist Freudian Corduroy (CD) PINK BOX PINK 003
2003 Ist The Unusual Suspects (CD) PINK BOX PINK 004
2004 Ist Similarly Inclined PINK BOX PINK 005
2005 ist King Martha (CD) PINK BOX PINK 006
2006 Yellowbelly Blood Tainted Love PINK BOX PINK 007
2006 Ist The Wreck Of The Eddie Fitzpatrick PINK BOX PINK 008
2007 Kevin Hewick Something To Do On The Bus / That Side Of Me PINK BOX PINK 009
2007 Toy Heroes A Story Of PINK BOX PINK 010
2008 Stressbitch Bitchin' PINK BOX PINK 011
2008 Mr Plow Two Murder Ballads By Mr Plow PINK BOX PINK 012
2009 Smears, The (2) Hell In High Heels (10") PINK BOX PINK 013
2008 Kevin Hewick Keep Your Flipped Wigs On (CD) PINK BOX PINK 014
2009 Mr Plow Mr Plow Presents The Book Of Common Despair (CD) PINK BOX PINK 015
2009 Various A Taste Of PinkBox (CD) PINK BOX PINK 016
2009 Breakdowns, The Hey Veronica PINK BOX PINK 017
2009 Mr Plow, Kevin Hewick Sarah Elizabeth Bell / Answers On A Postcard PINK BOX PINK 018
2010 SugarSnatch Gardener's World / The Milkman PINK BOX PINK 019
2011 Nancy Dawkins Smoke PINK BOX PINK 020
2011 Mr Plow Joyful In Song Are We (CD) PINK BOX PINK 021
2011 M Reeves/R Barrow Five Perfect Minutes PINK BOX PINK 022
2011 Stone Foundation Holy Blue PINK BOX PINK 023
2012 Nancy Dawkins Poison PINK BOX PINK 024
2013 Kevin Hewick The Heat Of Molten Diamonds (CD) PINK BOX PINK 025

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