Independent label: Pointy Records It issued singles in an POINT-000 numerical series. Pointy Records Former Address: 2 St Pauls Crescent, London NW1 9XS. Distributed By Shellshock Records.

98 Clientele What Goes Up, Five Day Morning  POINTY POINT 001
99 Clientele I Had To Say This  POINTY POINT 002
2000 Clientele Suburban Light  ‎(Album) POINTY POINT 003
2000 Clientele Suburban Light  ‎(Album) POINTY POINT 004
2001 Ladybug Transistor Argyle Heir ‎(CD) POINTY POINT 005
2001 Ladybug Transistor Albemarle Sound ‎(CD) POINTY POINT 006
2002 Flotation Toy Warning I Remember Trees E.P ‎(CD) POINTY POINT 007
2002 Clientele Haunted Melody POINTY POINT 008
2002 Flotation Toy Warning The Special Tape ‎(CD) POINTY POINT 009
2003 Clientele House On Fire ‎(CD) POINTY POINT 010
2003 Clientele The Violet Hour ‎(CD) POINTY POINT 011
2004 Color Filter Silent Way ‎(CD) POINTY POINT 012
2004 Campag Velocet Vindictive Disco ‎(CD) POINTY POINT 013
2004 Campag Velocet It's Beyond Our Control ‎(CD) POINTY POINT 014
2004 Campag Velocet Who Are The Trumping Men POINTY POINT 015
2004 Flotation Toy Warning Bluffer's Guide To The Flight Deck ‎(CD) POINTY POINT 016
2005 Clientele Strange Geometry ‎(CD) POINTY POINT 017
2005 Clientele Since K Got Over Me  POINTY POINT 018

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