Independent label: Polydor Records is a record label owned by Universal Music Group, headquartered in the United Kingdom. Today Polydor is Universal Music's second oldest owned label, after Deutsche Grammophon. By the early 1990s, Polydor had begun to underperform. PolyGram subsequently trimmed most of Polydor's staff and roster, and shifted it to operate under the umbrella of PolyGram Label Group (PLG), a newly constructed "super label" specifically designed to oversee the operations of PolyGram's lesser performing imprints, which included Island Records, London Records, Atlas Records and Verve Records at the time. In 1994, as Island Records recovered from its sales slump, PolyGram dissolved most of PLG into it. Meanwhile, Polydor Records and Atlas Records merged, briefly called "Polydor/Atlas," and began operating through A&M Records, another PolyGram subsidiary. In 1995, Polydor/Atlas became simply Polydor Records. Distributed By Universal Music Group.

90 Gene Pitney In My Life POLYDOR GPIT 1
90 Summerhill  Here I Am POLYDOR TTRC 1
90 Summerhill  Don't Let It Die POLYDOR TTRC 2
90 Summerhill  Wild Horses POLYDOR TTRC 3
90 Karaoke All Stars Daydream Believer POLYDOR VLY 1
91 Fish Internal Exile POLYDOR FISHY 1
91 Fish Credo POLYDOR FISHY 2
92 Fish Something In The Air (Album Mix) POLYDOR FISHY 3
92 Fish Never Mind The Bullocks (Featuring 'Hold Your Head Up') POLYDOR FISHY 4
92 Nu Colours Tears POLYDOR CARD 1
90 Bombalurina  Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny Yellow Polka Dot Bikini  CARPET CRPT 1
90 Bombalurina Featuring Timmy Mallett  Seven Little Girls (Sitting In The Back Seat)  CARPET CRPT 2
91 Not Traced CARPET CRPT 3
92 Doctor Spin  Tetris  POLYDOR CRPT  4
93 Leila K  Open Sesame  POLYDOR PQ  1
94 Shed Seven Mark POLYDOR YORK 1
94 Shed Seven Dolphin POLYDOR YORK 2
94 Shed Seven Speakeasy POLYDOR YORK 3
94 Shed Seven Ocean Pie POLYDOR YORK 4
94 The Wonder Stuff  Unbearable (Album Version)  POLYDOR JURY 1
95 Not Traced   POLYDOR ZONE 1
95 Not Traced POLYDOR ZONE 2
95 Boyzone So Good (Radio Edit) POLYDOR ZONE 3
95 Boyzone Father And Son (Radio Edition) POLYDOR ZONE 4
96 Boyzone Coming Home Now (Radio Edit) POLYDOR ZONE 5
97 Bee Gees Alone POLYDOR BGLH 1
96 Boyzone Words (Radio Edit) POLYDOR BOYLH 1
96 Boyzone A Different Beat (Radio Edit) POLYDOR BOYLH 2
97 Boyzone Isn't It A Wonder POLYDOR BOYLH 3
97 Boyzone Picture Of You POLYDOR BOYLH 4
97 Boyzone Baby Can I Hold You POLYDOR BOYLH 5
98 Boyzone All That I Need POLYDOR BOYLH 6
97 Cast Free Me POLYDOR FMLH 1
97 Monaco Sweet Lips POLYDOR LIPLH 1
96 Wildchild  Jump To My Beat (Original Mix)  ‎(12", Promo)  POLYDOR WILD 1
96 Wildchild  Jump To My Beat (Tall Paul Remix)  POLYDOR WILD 2
97 Wildchild  Renegade Master  POLYDOR WILD 3
98 Cube Have Another Drink POLYDOR UN 101
99 Cube It Happens To Me All The Time POLYDOR UN 102

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