Independent label: Produce Records was owned by the band The Farm, who had great success on the label in the early 90s -posting several Top Ten hits and a No 1 Album - before signing with Sony. The Farm are a British band from Liverpool. The band formed in early 1983 and initially comprised Peter Hooton, Steve Grimes, John Melvin and Andrew John "Andy" McVann, who was killed in a police chase on 1 October 1986 at the age of 21. Distributed By Pinnacle Records.

90 Farm Stepping Stone PRODUCE MILK 101
90 Farm Groovy Train PRODUCE MILK 102
90 Farm All Together Now PRODUCE MILK 103
91 Farm Don'T Let Me Down PRODUCE MILK 104
91 Farm Mind PRODUCE MILK 105
91 Farm Love See No Colours PRODUCE MILK 106
91 The Hoovers Mr Average PRODUCE HERB 101
92 The Hoovers Jealous PRODUCE HERB 102
92 People Get Ready Be My Friend PRODUCE BUMP 101
92 People Get Ready Natural High (Disco Heaven Edit) PRODUCE BUMP 102

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