Independent label: PWL (Pete Waterman Ltd) is the production company and record label owned by pop mogul Pete Waterman. The label is most famous for being the home of hit record producers Stock Aitken Waterman. After producing many hits for other record companies, PWL launched its own label in 1987 (PWL Records) with the balearic classic Mandy Smith “I Just Can’t Wait”. As a record label, PWL enjoyed success with Australian artists such as Kylie Minogue and Jason Donovan. And as a production house they produced hits for British artists such as Rick Astley and Bananarama on other record labels. In the early 90s, Stock Aitken Waterman split and Waterman formed a new label, PWL International in partnership with Warners which had hits with artist like 2 Unlimited and Cappella. However with other projects taking up Waterman’s time, his involvement in the label decreased and so PWL International Ltd was sold to Warner sublabel Coalition. Originally based at the famous Sanctuary Street studios in the 80’s, as PWL grew, they moved studios to The Borough (Borough High Street, London) in the 90’s. Pete Waterman Ltd still in operation as of 2006 and is now based at the newly acquired County Hall, London. PWL also operates the label EBUL through Jive Records and Zomba.  Distributed By Pinnacle and Wea Records.

93 Erik  Got To Be Real (Total Acapella)  PWL INTERNATIONAL ERIK 007

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