Independent label: Repeat Records Also Known As R*E*P*E*A*T Records. It issued singles in an MB and MBRR-000 numerical series. Repeat Records Former Address: 46 Wertheim Way Huntington Cambridge PE18  6OQ. Distributed By Backs, Shellshock, Pinnacle Records.

96 Freeboy,Hinton, Eden Park & Stripey Oh Grantchester So Much To Answer For REPEAT MB 001
97 The Saffs, Ex-Boyfriends, Hinton, The Fridays Straight Outta Cottenham  REPEAT MB 002 
98 The Saffs Supercharger  REPEAT MBRR 101
98 Various Artists The Dustbin Of Histon (Cd) REPEAT MBRR 102
99 Alcopop               It'S Your Fault  (Cd) REPEAT MBRR 103
99 The Saffs             Ladyboy Chaser (Cd) REPEAT MBRR 104
2000 Pala   Cat Like Creatures REPEAT MBRR 105
2000 Four Star Mary Marlene (Album) REPEAT MBRR 106
2000 Various Artists It Taken A Nation Of Miltons  (Cd) REPEAT MBRR 107
2001 Miss Black America Adrenaline Junkie Class A Mentalist (Cd) REPEAT MBRR 108
2001 The Hammers When You Go Away (Cd) REPEAT MBRR 109
2002 Neo/ Virgin Suicides Die America REPEAT MBRR 110
2003 The Virgin Suicides Plough Over The Bones of The Dead ep (Cd) REPEAT MBRR 111
2003 Miss Black America/The Cultural Ice Age Love Music Hate Racism Split Single REPEAT MBRR 112
2003 Various Artists Fear Of A Blank Kennett (Cd) REPEAT MBRR 113
2003 Miss Black America Beutiful Velocity REPEAT MBRR 114
2004 Attila The Stockbroker/Bomb Factory Red Hot Radical Ranting Poetry special: REPEAT MBRR 115
2004 Chris T-T / Cosy Cosy Tomorrow Morning / Drive Drive REPEAT MBRR 116
2004 Volunteers/Impact Lost and Found  REPEAT MBRR 117
2005 Miss Black America Dot Dot Dot (Cd) REPEAT MBRR 118
2005 Miss Black America Terminal (Cd)   REPEAT MBRR 119
2005 Volunteers  Volunteers (Cd) REPEAT MBRR 120
Open Mouth/Dexy
Castle Keep 
Open Mouth
Import/Export ‎(CD)
2007 Various Artists Burn Cambridge Burn ‎(CD) REPEAT MBRR 123
2007 Johnny Panic  Dislocation (CD)   REPEAT MBRR 124
2007 Johnny Panic  The Good Fight ‎(CD) REPEAT MBRR 125
2008 Ten City Nation Exhibition Time Again REPEAT MBRR 126
2008 Ten City Nation Untitled  ‎(CD) REPEAT MBRR 127
2008 Johnny Panic The Rebel  REPEAT MBRR 128
2008 Autons Election Singer ‎(CD) REPEAT MBRR 129
2008 Various Artists Keep Britain Tidy ‎(CD) REPEAT MBRR 130
2008 The Resistance Stevie Nicks ‎(CD) REPEAT MBRR 131
2008 The Hope A Bullet Called Hope ‎(CD) REPEAT MBRR 132
2009 Ten City Nation / Shills Untitled  REPEAT MBRR 133
2009 Ten City Nation At The Still Point REPEAT MBRR 134
2010 Various Artists Love Music Hate Racism  ‎(CD) REPEAT MBRR 135
2011 Various Artists R*E*P*E*A*T 'Book - (Fighting the Power since 1994) ‎(CD) REPEAT MBRR 136
2011 Johnny Panic Ritual Riots REPEAT MBRR 137
2013 Chasing Melfina Dead Stars Make Head Starts ‎(CD) REPEAT MBRR 138
2013 Beverley Kills On the Trail' (10") REPEAT MBRR 139
2014 Chasing Melfina King of the Universe REPEAT MBRR 140
2014 Various Artists Tory Baiting Split single REPEAT MBRR 141

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