RB aka Red Balloon Records was a DIY label. It managed one single. A Song For Garry Hart, All proceeds of the record sales to be donated to Leukaemia research in memory of GARRY HART, that others may be helped by his memory. It issued singles in an RB-0000 numerical series. Raymond Froggatt was born in Birmingham on 13th November 1941. Froggie, started his working days as a pipe lagger, and in the night time would be spent singing in the pubs and secretly writing poetry in his spare time, a great talent that maybe would have stayed hidden if not for the illness. Raymond was diagnosed with TB in his teenage years & was forced to change his life style. Froggie decided to advertise for musicians to put together a Band, four very talented musicians called The Monopoly were to become Froggie’s new Band. Before long Froggie became signed to the top record companies of the time Polydor, Bell, Jet Warner, his writing talents also led to his signing to major publishing houses a great honour as his songs were being recorded by artist all over the country and abroad. Cliff Richard, Dave Clark Five to name but a few. Still today his songs are recorded by major artists. In 1992 Raymond released his autobiography telling stories of his earlier years in the music business. RB aka Red Balloon Records Former Address: 68 Doddington Hollinswood Telford Shropshire TF3 2DH. Distributed By RB Records.

90 Raymond Froggatt  Maybe The Angels  RB RB 0001

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