Independent label: Real Records It issued singles in an REAL-100 numerical series. Real Records Former Address: 13 Bell Hill Petersfield Hampshire GU32 2EH. Distributed By SHK/Disc Records.

94 Statics Sooprize Package  REAL REAL 101
94 Mr. Suave They Call Him REAL REAL 102
95 Spoiled Brats Rich Kid / Laundrymat Brat  REAL REAL 103
95 Various North 7 Action Sound! REAL REAL 104
95 Speed                    Speed Is All You Need  REAL REAL 105
95 Not Traced REAL REAL 106
96 Coyote Men, The Vs. Superfly T.N.T.'S No Talent? No Shit!! REAL REAL 107
97 The Superfly Tnt'S       She'S Coming Around   REAL REAL 108

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