Independent label: Resolve Records was set up in 1997 as a home for two Hull-based pop-punk bands, Scarper! and Lithium Joe. Conscious of the lack of opportunities for independent bands at that time they decided that the only way forward was to do the thing themselves and see what happened. there first release "SOS Bombs EP" (1997) was a split 7" single, the bands having one side and two songs each. Scarper! delivered the classic "Perfect Day" and their infectiously funny ode to caffeine "Douwe Egberts". Lithium Joe gave their rally-cry "Independence Day" and the manic rocker "Unintentional". The original EP came in a unique gatefold sleeve complete with lyrics and the wonderful cover art of Jason Goodwin. The reviews in fanzines were universally good and it's original run of 500 copies sold out quickly. Rather than re-press they were anxious to move on, and 1998 saw the release of two further 7" singles, Scarper! with their rollicking "Not As Punk As You" EP, and "War Stories" by Lithium Joe. Again the gatefold sleeves meant the records stood out, and the music was strong enough to shift box after box of the things, usually out of the back of our beat-up Transit in pub car parks the nation over. By 1999 Scarper! had moved onwards and upwards to "Boss Tuneage" and went on to bigger and better things.  It issued singles in an RES-000 numerical series. Resolve Records Former Address: Flat 3 Westbourne House 101 Westbourne Avenue Hull HU5 3HT. Distributed By Resolve Records.

97 Lithium Joe And Scarper S.O.S Bombs E.P RESOLVE RES 001
98 Scarper Not As Punk As You RESOLVE RES 002
98 Lithium Joe War Stories Ep RESOLVE RES 003

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