Independent label: Ronin Records was a Long-running British hip hop label. It issued singles in an 7R and NINJ-0 numerical series. Ronin Records Former Address: PO Box 1289 London N5 2HQ. Distributed By Ronin Records.

90 Not Traced RONIN 7R 1
90 Paradox Jailbreak RONIN 7R 2
90 Force Pure Power RONIN 7R 3
90 Ronin Inc On The Mix RONIN 7R 4
92 Not Traced RONIN NINJ 1
92 F.O.R.C.E. -N- K. Zee   Jam RONIN NINJ 2
92 F.O.R.C.E. -N- K. Zee   Lords Of The Dance  RONIN NINJ 3

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