Independent label: Rooart Records was an Australian Label Founded By The Inxs Manager Chris Murphy. Distributed By Cargo and Phonogram Records.

90 Martha'S Vineyard Old Beach Road ROO ART RART 1
90 Ratcat  That Ain't Bad ROO ART RART 2
90 Hummingbird Blush ROO ART RART 3
90 Hummingbird Word Gets Around ROO ART RART 4
90 Absent Friends I Don'T Want To Be ROO ART RART 5
91 The Screaming Jets C'mon ROO ART RART 6
91 The Screaming Jets Better ROO ART RART 7
91 Ratcat  Don'T Go Now ROO ART RCT 1
91 Ratcat  Baby Baby ROO ART RCT 2
96 You Am I   Soldiers  ROO ART TIM 001

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