Independent label: Roxy Records. It issued singles in an ROX-000 numerical series. Sportique is a British indiepop band formed in 1997 by Gregory Webster, formerly of the Razorcuts, with Mark Flunder of the Television Personalities and Rob Pursey of Heavenly. Heavenly frontwoman Amelia Fletcher joined the group as keyboardist at the time of their second album. The Yummy Fur were an indie rock band from Glasgow, formed in 1992, and disbanded 1999. The band was centred around lead singer and guitarist John McKeown. Distributed By Shellshock Records.

97 Yummy Fur Stereo Girls ROXY ROX 001
97 Peechees Antarticists ROXY ROX 002
97 The Family Way Strange Ways ROXY ROX 003
98 Sportique The Kids Are Solid Gold ROXY ROX 004

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