Independent label: Ruptured Ambitions. It issued singles in an TS-000 numerical series. Ruptured Ambitions Records first began life as a 'do-it-yourself' promotional outfit for punk, and punk-related independent musical ensembles based in the Plymouth. This soon spread, encompassing musical groups, desktop publishing and other DIY, anarchistic and fund-raising bodies throughout the country and, latterly, many parts of the world. Ruptured Ambitions' projects have included distribution, recorded releases, film, publishing and event organisation. Since its formation in 1989, Ruptured Ambitions continues in various forms as of 2012. Ruptured Ambitions Records Former Address: Old Forge Cottage Rushford Lamerton Tivistock Devon PL19 8RY. Distributed By Ruptured Ambitions Records.

94 Oi Polloi Guilty RUPTURED AMBITIONS RA 01
98 Various Artists Bare Faced Hypocrisy Sells Records RUPTURED AMBITIONS PROPA GIT  5
98 Police Bastard Gulf War Syndrome RUPTURED AMBITIONS SICKSICKSYSTEM 013
99 Oi Polloi Let The Boots Do The Talking RUPTURED AMBITIONS G/RA-ND 1
2001 Sensa Yuma Every Day's Your Last Day RUPTURED AMBITIONS MO-PID 8 
2000 Bus Station Loonies, The & Anal Beard Ensure Your Needle Is Clean And Free Of Dust RUPTURED AMBITIONS PORN 01
2002 Dangerfields No Respect 'Til Belfast Ep RUPTURED AMBITIONS 17-4 FR

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