Independent label: Saddle Tramp Recordings Records. It managed three singles. It issued singles in an TRAMP-000 numerical series. Saddle Tramp Recordings was a garage rock label based in Nottingham. Saddle Tramp Recordings Former Address: P.O. Box 5412 Nottingham NG1 6HT. The X-Rays was a garage punk band from Nottingham, England active during the mid to late 90s. Cellophane Suckers was a Punk rock band from Germany. Founded in 1993. Distributed By Cargo Records.

98 The X-Rays  Whores Are Cool E. P. SADDLE TRAMP RECORDINGS  TRAMP 001
98 Cellophane Suckers Schweinhund E.P.  SADDLE TRAMP RECORDINGS  TRAMP NO 002
98 The Chargers  Don't Mind If I Fuckin Do E.P. SADDLE TRAMP RECORDINGS  TRAMP NO 003

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