Savage Bee Recordings Records was a DIY label. It issued singles in an SAVAGE-000 numerical series. Savage 001 and Savage 002 was on Spirit of '86 Records and had a second cat number of SOES 5 and SOES 3. Savage Bee Recordings Records Former Address: New Savage House 80 Whitehall Road Bristol BS5 9BQ. Distributed By Cargo Records.

94 Modesty Blaise  Christina Terrace  SPIRIT OF '86 SAVAGE 001
85 Modesty Blaise  A You Can Do Better Than That SPIRIT OF '86 SAVAGE 002
97 Modesty Blaise  Modern Guitars With Amplification (Album)   SAVAGE BEE SAVAGE 003
98 Modesty Blaise  Blue And Beautiful SAVAGE BEE SAVAGE 004
98 Modesty Blaise  Let's Get Together SAVAGE BEE SAVAGE 005

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