Independent label: Scorch Records was a sub-label of Chrysalis Records. It issued singles in an SCORCH -0 numerical series. Kingmaker was an indie rock group from Kingston upon Hull, formed in 1990 by ex-Tombstone Graffiti members Loz Hardy (vocals, guitar) and Myles Howell (bass), along with ex-puppeteer John Andrew (drums). Distributed By EMI Records.

91 Kingmaker Waterproof Ep SCORCH SCORCHDJ 1
91 Kingmaker  Two Headed SCORCH SCORCHDJ 2
91 Kingmaker Idiots At The Wheel SCORCH SCORCH 3
92 Not Traced SCORCH SCORCH 4
92 Kingmaker The Killjoy Was Here  SCORCH SCORCHG 5
92 Kingmaker Armchair Anarchist SCORCH SCORCHG 6
92 Not Traced SCORCH SCORCH 7
93 Kingmaker Ten Years Asleep SCORCH SCORCHP 8
93 Kingmaker  Queen Jane SCORCH SCORCHP 9
93 Kingmaker Saturday's Not What It Used To Be (CD)  SCORCH CDSCORCH 10
95 Kingmaker You And I Will Never See Things Eye To Eye (CD) SCORCH CDSCORCH 11
95 Kingmaker  In The Best Possible Taste (Part 2) SCORCH SCORCHS 12

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