Independent label: Seed Records was a short-lived American independent record label owned by Atlantic Records. The label has released music by artists such as Tumbleweed, Madder Rose, Leatherface, The Nightblooms, Ivy, Television Personalities, The Pooh Sticks, The Earthmen, and The Pastels.. It issued singles in an SEED-0 numerical series. Distributed By Fire Records.

92 Tumbleweed Stoned (US) SEED SEED 1
92 Madder Rose I Wanna Sleep In Your Arms (7") US SEED SEED 2
93 Madder Rose Beautiful John SEED SEED 3
93 Nightblooms Never Dream At All (US) SEED SEED 4
93 Monsterland  Insulation (US) SEED SEED 5
93 Madder Rose  Swim (Remix)  SEED SEED 6
94 Inch Linger (US)   SEED SEED 7
94 Ivy  Get Enough (US)   SEED SEED 8
94 Fuzzy  Flashlight  SEED SEED 9
94 Daniel Johnston  Happy Time (US)   SEED SEED 10
95 Fuzzy Lemon Rind (US)   SEED SEED 11
95 Ivy  Don't Believe A Word (US)   SEED SEED 12
95 Pooh Sticks Cool In A Crisis  (US)   SEED SEED 13
95 Madder Rose  The Love You Save  (US)   SEED SEED 14

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