Independent label: Setanta Records was a London-based record label, home over the years to Edwyn Collins and a number of ex-pat Irish bands including The Divine Comedy, The Frank and Walters, A House and The Harvest Ministers. Setanta Records was started in a Camberwell, London squat by former bicycle courier Keith Cullen. In 2012 Cullen announced that he was closing Setanta down Setanta Records Ltd Former Address: 112 Manor Grove Richmond, TW9 4QF. Distributed By Vital Records (1996) Sony Records(1998).

92 A House Endless Art SETANTA AHOU 1
92 A House Take It Easy On Me SETANTA AHOU 2
92 Not Traced SETANTA CAO 001
92 Divine Comedy Jerusalem SETANTA CAO 002
92 A House Kick Me Again Jesus SETANTA CAO 003
92 A House Second Wind SETANTA CAO 004
92 Not Traced SETANTA CAO 005
92 Into Paradise Angelus  SETANTA CAO 006
92 Not Traced SETANTA CAO 007
93 Divine Comedy Lucy SETANTA CAO 008
94 Glee Club, The / Divine Comedy Free To Believe / Your Daddy'S Car (Flexi) SETANTA CAO 009
93 Divine Comedy Indulgence No. 1 SETANTA DC 001
94 Divine Comedy Indulgence No. 2 SETANTA DC 002
92 Frank And Walters We Are The Frank And Walters (Flexi) SETANTA HOO 1
92 Frank And Walters Happy Busman SETANTA HOO 2
92 Frank And Walters This Is Not A Song SETANTA HOO 3
92 Frank And Walters After All (12") SETANTA HOO 4
92 Frank And Walters Fashion Crisis Hits New York (Cd) SETANTA HOO 5
92 Frank And Walters Indian Ocean Ep (Cd) SETANTA HOO 6
92 Frank And Walters Colours SETANTA HOO 7
94 Edwyn Collins A Girl Like You (12") SETANTA ZOP 001
95 Edwyn Collins If You Could Love Me (12") SETANTA ZOP 002
95 Edwyn Collins A Girl Like You SETANTA ZOP 003 7
96 Edwyn Collins Keep On Burning SETANTA ZOP 004 7

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