Independent label: Simba Recordings a label and a fanzine run by Vique Martin, originally from England, later from the US. It issued singles in an SIMBA-000 numerical series. Distributed By Pinnacle Records.

94 Greyhouse / Fabric  R.T.M.D / Brave Words SIMBA SIMBA 001
95 Samuel  / Texas Is The Reason Something To Forget / The Leaving Kind SIMBA SIMBA 002
96 Des Man DeAblo Missionary / No Way Jose SIMBA SIMBA 003
96 Rocketscience Well Known Drag SIMBA SIMBA 004
96 September  Erasmia Pulcella SIMBA SIMBA 005
97 Various Artists Love Is A Dog From Hell ‎(CD) SIMBA SIMBA 006
97 Ink & Dagger The Experiments In Nocturnal Sound And Energy SIMBA SIMBA 007
97 Hal Al Shedad The Dichotomy Of Yesterday SIMBA SIMBA 008
97 The Hal Al Shedad  Yesterday'S Bullets SIMBA SIMBA 009
97 Not Traced SIMBA SIMBA 010
97 Kill Holiday Meant To Let You Down SIMBA SIMBA 011

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