Independent label: Slut Smalls was launched, with the aim of releasing split 7 singles with unreleased material from established and up and coming artists. This enterprise lasted until the demise of the magazine. a total of eleven 7" singles released by the dance magazine Jockey Slut.
A CD compilation of the 7"s was planned but never officially released. It issued singles in an SMALL-000 numerical series. Jockey Slut was a British music magazine which ran between 1993 and 2004, focusing mainly on dance music and club culture. It started as a self-published bi-monthly fanzine in 1993 before graduating to a monthly by 1999, following a buy-out by Swinstead Publishing. By 2004, it had gone quarterly, with a beefed-up web presence, a change which only lasted three and a half months before closure in late May that year. Slut Smalls former address: P.O. Box 54 Manchester M21 7HU. Distributed By TS Records.

98 Lionrock / Silicon Scally Dusty Finger / Remember Me SLUT SMALLS SMALL 001
99 808 State / Jega Quincy's Lunch / Move Ur Body SLUT SMALLS SMALL 002
99 Anthony Child / Stock, Hausen & Walkman Over Napoli / Dirty Thirty Something ? SLUT SMALLS SMALL 003
99 Barry Adamson / Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, The The Crime Scene / New Year (Destroyer) SLUT SMALLS SMALL 004
99 Freddy Fresh & Beat Archaeo'logist, The / Silverkick Mr Roachclip / Voyle SLUT SMALLS SMALL 005
99 Two Lone Swordsmen / Dakota Oak Trio Brownie And Sonny SLUT SMALLS SMALL 006
99 Sideline Devils / The Bug SLUT SMALLS SMALL 007
99 Add N To (X) / Andy Votel Live 1940 (Romell & Raisin Mix) / Canter  SLUT SMALLS SMALL 008
200 Luke Slater / Mina I Can Complete You (Boggled Mix) / Girl Roc SLUT SMALLS SMALL 009
200 Midfield General / Alpinestars Loverslut / Coldstar SLUT SMALLS SMALL 010
2004 Dirtbombs, The / Justin Robertson She Played Me Like A Booger / Twisted And Torn SLUT SMALLS SMALL 011

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