Independent label: Snapper Music is an independent record label founded in 1996 by former head of Castle Communications Jon Beecher, Dougie Dudgeon and funded by the late Mark Levinson from Palan Music Publishing. In 1999 Snapper broke away from its Palan parent company in an MBO in association with ACT and CAI venture capitalists. In 2004 Snapper Music was bought out by music publisher and former agent & manager Bryan Morrison (deceased) and in 2005 Jon Beecher (MD) and Dougie Dudgeon (A&R) left the company and were replaced by Frederick Jude, a former employee of Palan Music Publishing and a Snapper director. It issued singles in an SMAS 7-100 numerical series. Distributed By Snapper Music Records.

99 Porcupine Tree Piano Lessons  SNAPPER MUSIC  SMAS 7  103
99 My Ruin Tainted Love SNAPPER MUSIC  SMAS 7  106
99 Porcupine Tree Stranger By The Minute SNAPPER MUSIC  SMAS 7  107
99 My Ruin Terror  SNAPPER MUSIC  SMAS 7  109
99 Porcupine Tree Pure Narcotic SNAPPER MUSIC  SMAS 7  110
2000 Porcupine Tree 4 Chords That Made A Million SNAPPER MUSIC  SMAS 7  111
2000 Porcupine Tree Shesmovedon SNAPPER MUSIC  SMAS 7  120
2000 My Ruin Beauty Fiend SNAPPER MUSIC  SMAS 7  121

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