Independent label: Sorted Records Of Leicester. Formed By Dave Dixey And Other Members Of The Band Lid, In 1993, It was setup To Self Release Their Music. When LID folded Dave Dixey carried on with Sorted Records, he combined this with his daytime job running the Durham Ox pub in Bowling Green Street, Leicester. It issued singles in an SRS-000 numerical series. Lid was a Leicester band featuring Dave Dixey, of Sorted Records. Lid and the label, and many of the bands which form the so called "Leicester Mafia" simply wouldn't exist.Lid was Formed in 1992 by Steve Parker, Ray Gilbert and Dave Dixey the band originally went under the name of Teenage Lust. LID (which, depending on which member of the band you believe stood for either Love In a Doorway or Leicester Is Dead). When the band split- Ray Gilbert went off to start a family and Steve Parker went off to run a newsagents leaving Dave Dixey to carry on running Sorted Records. Distributed By Cargo Records.

94 Lid Lady Mayonnaise SORTED  SRS 001
94 Lid Blue Rubber Moon SORTED  SRS 002
95 Various Artists The Sorted Ep SORTED  SRS 003
95 Kooky Monster Kooky Monster E.P. SORTED  SRS 004
95 Various Artists Frownland - The Second Sorted Ep SORTED  SRS 005
95 Performance Saturday Night And Sunday Morning SORTED  SRS 006
96 Various Artists Tous-Ar-Fit. The Third Sorted E.P. SORTED  SRS 007
96 The Gonzo Salvage Company Poverty SORTED  SRS 008
97 Freed Unit Getting Used To Not Fitting In SORTED  SRS 009
97 Various Artists Brain Cakes Ten Track E.P. SORTED  SRS 010
97 Freed Unit The City SORTED  SRS 011
98 The Fabians Last Notes On A Late Story SORTED  SRS 012
98 Intestines Life In A Cardboard Box SORTED  SRS 013
99 The Kittiwakes Veronica SORTED  SRS 014
99 The Durham Ox Singers Revolution #9 SORTED  SRS 015
99 Discordia Discordia'S Brazilian Ambassador SORTED  SRS 016
Alternative Tv
Unlikely Star
Blue Smarties, The
A Chimp Can Dream E.P.
Alan Jenkins And The Thurston Lava Tube
An Extended Play 45Rpm Disk Of Surf Guitar Instrumentals SORTED  SRS 019
2000 Discordia Marina Discordia SORTED  SRS 020
2000 The Blue Smarties Nodding Dogs Ep SORTED  SRS 021
2000 Various Artists The Left Hand Side Of Egypt SORTED  SRS 022
2000 Fish From Tahiti Decal Baby SORTED  SRS 023
2001 Static Waves, The / Airport Girl Delerec  / Cold SORTED  SRS 024
2001 Fish From Tahiti Fish From Tahiti Sing Earhats SORTED  SRS 026
2001 Discordia St. Simone (Cd) SORTED  SRS 027
2001 Fish From Tahiti Greendyke Viaduct SORTED  SRS 028
2001 Dalmation Rex And The Eigentones My Dog'S Got A Bucket On Her Head SORTED  SRS 029
2001 Circa 1983 / Mogul So Easy / Subway Sex SORTED  SRS 030
Fish From Tahiti
Elvis Presley Seance Parts 1 & 2
2002 Alpine Low Follow The Light Home SORTED  SRS 032
Static Waves
Lily Struts In Waltz Time Toward The Blinds
All My Journeys
2003 Not Traced SORTED  SRS 035
2004 Jamie Says Down To The Debauchuary SORTED  SRS 036
2004 Mj Hibbett & The Validators Shed Anthems (Cd) SORTED  SRS 037
2004 Not Traced SORTED  SRS 038
2006 Chapter 24 Candyfloss Albatross SORTED  SRS 039
2006 Jamie Says Remember SORTED  SRS 040
2006 The Dirty Backbeats The Bop SORTED  SRS 041
2006 Not Traced SORTED  SRS 042
2006 Not Traced SORTED  SRS 043
2008 The Dirty Backbeats To The Dogs SORTED  SRS 044

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