Independent label: Starfish Records Was A Sub-Label Of Big Life Records. It issued singles in an STF-0 numerical series. Delicatessen were an indie-rock group formed in Leicester in the early 1990s. They released three albums and four singles before splitting in 1998. Delicatessen was formed by Neil Carlill (vocals, guitar), Craig Bown (guitar, flute), Pete Capewell (bass) and Stuart Dayman (drums). Distributed By Big Life Records.

94 Delicatessen Inviting Both Sisters Out To Dinner STARFISH STF 1
95 Delicatessen C.F.Kane (10") STARFISH STF 2
95 Delicatessen I'M Just Alive STARFISH STFT 3
96 Delicatessen Monkey Suit  STARFISH STF 4
96 Fancy I Can Feel It / Just A Little Something  STARFISH STF 5
96 Pullover Holiday STARFISH STF 6
96 American Tv Cops Turbulence No 5 STARFISH STF 7

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