Sting In The Tail Records was a DIY label. It managed one single. It issued singles in an SITTEP-0 numerical series. The Scorpions were formed in 1959 in Battersea, South West London, and released two singles in 1961. Founder members were brothers Ted Barber (born Edward Joseph Barber, 17 November 1940, Molesey, Surrey) - lead guitar; John Barber (born John Alan Barber, 30 December 1944, Battersea, South West London) - bass guitar; Mick LeDieu - drums; Ivor Knight (born Ivor Kenneth Knight, 16 September 1941, Battersea, South West London) - a drummer who joined in November 1959. They were the first rock band to use the name. The Scorpions recorded two singles at Abbey Road Studios, which were released on the Parlophone label. The Scorpions are now, John Barber (lead guitar), Ivor Knight (drums) and Keith Strickland (bass guitar). Distributed By Sting In The Tail  Records.

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