Independent label: Survival Records was a sub-label of BMG label.  It issued singles in the BMG ZB-40000 numerical series. Survival Records have been operating as an independent record company since 1980. When it started it specialised in electronic dance music, charting with Tik and Tok. Then in the mid eighties it moved more toward rock music finding success with The Quireboys. In 1990 it signed the Celtic band Capercaillie. Survival Records Former Address: 6, Matthews Close, All Cannings, Devizes, Wiltshire SN10 3NU. Distributed By BMG Records.

90 Grip American Dream SURVIVAL ZB 43749
90 Grip American Dream SURVIVAL ZB 43751
91 Sweet Addiction Enough Is Enough  SURVIVAL ZB 44579
91 Capercaillie Coisich A Ruin (Walk My Beloved) SURVIVAL ZB 44593
91 Josi Without Colours Lucy SURVIVAL ZB 44743
91 Capercaillie Waiting For The Wheel To Turn SURVIVAL ZB  44897
92 Capercaillie A Prince Among Island SURVIVAL ZB 45393

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