Independent label: Sweet Records. It managed eight singles. It issued singles in an SWEE-000-7 numerical series. Sweet Records Former Address: 116 Old Street London EC1 9BD. Distributed By SRD Records.

95 Swimmer Sinking My Tin Boats (Cd) SWEET SWEE 001-7
96 Swimmer It'S A Dirty Job SWEET SWEE 002-7
96 Buxom The Protagonist, Right Song SWEET SWEE 003-7
96 Swimmer Petits Pois (Cd) SWEET SWEE 004/CD
96 Buxom Well Built Shape Ep (Cd) SWEET SWEE 005/CD
96 Buxom Taking Out Sunny Girl SWEET SWEE 006-7
96 Sexton Ming & Steady  Rogue Male (Cd) SWEET SWEE 007-7
97 Ten Benson City Hoppers SWEET SWEE 008-7
97 Sexton Ming & Steady  The Lost Wine Gum Mine  SWEET SWEE 009-7
98 Ten Benson The Claw SWEET SWEE 010-7
98 Impossible Sick Note SWEET SWEE 011-7
98 Impossible Dog Whistle SWEET SWEE 012-7
99 Impossible    Mr. Music SWEET SWEE 013-7
99 Impossible Impossible World (Cd) SWEET SWEE 014/CD

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