Independent label: Sycophant Records. It issued singles in an SYC-000 numerical series. Sycophant Records Former Address: 8 Orchard Street Nottingham, Nottinghamshire NG16 2EL. Distributed By Plastic Head Records.

90 Meatfly The Stranger E.P SYCOPHANT SYC 01
91 White Flag & Dave Nazworthy* Beyond Hurt / In A Different Light SYCOPHANT SYC 02
91 Not Traced SYCOPHANT SYC 03
91 Force Fed Elounda Sleeps (Album) SYCOPHANT SYC 04
91 Skink And Now The Sound Of SYCOPHANT SYC 05
91 Killing Floor, The The Killing Floor (Album) SYCOPHANT SYC 06
91 Pitch Shifter Death Industrial SYCOPHANT SYC 07
91 Not Traced SYCOPHANT SYC 08
94 Skink Deaf To Suggestion (Album) SYCOPHANT SYC 09

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