Independent label: Synthetic Records. It managed two singles. It issued singles in an SYNTH-000 numerical series and Parlophone R-6000 numerical series. Some releases were classifed as Synthetic Hardcore Phonography, and others as Synthetic Softcore Phonography. Synthetic Records Former Address: 172a Arlington Road London NW1 7HL. FPI Project was formed by Italian producers Marco Fratty, Corrado Presti and Roberto Intrallazz. They released a string of dancefloor classics as the FPI Project that introduced Italo-house to the club world. The sound was instantly recognizable: huge piano samples, shouty vocals, a racing beat -- in short, the elements that made up most house singles. Distributed By EMI Records.

92 Fargetta Music Is Movin' (12") SYNTHETIC SYNTH 001
92 Risen From The Ranks Featuring JD Wilson Don't Beg For Love (12") SYNTHETIC SYNTH 002
92 Metal Heads Terminator (12") SYNTHETIC SYNTH 003
92 Fargetta Music (12") SYNTHETIC SYNTH 004
93 SFX Lemmings (12") SYNTHETIC SYNTH 005
93 FPI Project Come On (And Do It) SYNTHETIC SYNTH 006
93 Metalheads Angel  (12") SYNTHETIC SYNTH 007
93 Keith Thompson Project Rhythm Of Life ?(12") SYNTHETIC SYNTH 008
93 Allarme PSM Lonely Times (12") SYNTHETIC SYNTH 009
93 Miss Bliss Best Thing (12") SYNTHETIC SYNTH 010
93 Fargetta And Anne-Marie Smith  Music (Synthesis Edit)  SYNTHETIC R 6334

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