Independent label: Systematic Records was a Sub-label of London Records concentrating on Dance releases. It issued singles in an SYS-0 numerical series. Whigfield was born Sannie Charlotte Carlson on 11 April 1970. Best known as Whigfield and also as Naan, is a Danish born, Italian based Eurodance singer best known for the song "Saturday Night" which was a worldwide hit in 1994. Singles from her following albums were also very popular across Europe and Asia in the mid '90s and were produced by Italian producer Larry Pignagnoli. DJ Miko (born Monier Quartararo Gagliardo, 8 February 1973) is an Italian DJ. He had a hit with a cover of 4 Non Blondes's "What's Up" in 1994. Baby D is a British breakbeat hardcore and house music group, best known for their UK no 1 single "Let Me Be Your Fantasy" in 1994. The group was formed by Production House Records, a record label which had been set up in 1987 by former recording artist Phil Fearon, whose group Galaxy had had a number of hits in the 1980s. consisting of lead vocalist Dee Galdes-Fearon, Claudio Galdez on keyboards and windsynth and Terry Jones (stage name MC Nino) on vocals and keyboards. Alex Party is an Italian dance music project of the electronic dance and house music genre. The band consisted of the Italian brothers Paolo and Gianni Visnadi (also of Livin' Joy), DJ Alex Natale and vocalist Robin 'Shanie' Campbell. Ann Lee (born Annerley Emma Gordon, 12 November 1967) is a British eurodance singer and songwriter, who rose to fame in the late 1990s. Cappella was an Italian Eurodance act formed in 1987 by producer Gianfranco Bortolotti. The act went through a number of line-up changes over the years but was most successful in the early 1990s when it was fronted by British performers Kelly Overett and Rodney Bishop. Their biggest hit was "U Got 2 Let the Music", which reached number 2 in the UK in 1993. Systematic Records Former Address PO Box 1422 Chancellors House Chancellors Road London W6 9SG. Distributed By London Records.

94 Whigfield  Saturday Night (Radio Mix)  SYSTEMATIC SJB 1
94 Black Diamond Let Me Be (12") SYSTEMATIC SYSX 1
94 DJ Miko What's Up SYSTEMATIC SYS 2
94 Whigfield Saturday Night SYSTEMATIC SYS 3
94 Baby D Let Me Be Your Fantasy SYSTEMATIC SYS 4
94 Not Traced SYSTEMATIC SYS 5
94 Whigfield Another Day SYSTEMATIC SYS 6
94 Alex Party Don't Give Me Your Life SYSTEMATIC SYS 7
94 Not Traced SYSTEMATIC SYS 8
95 Mark' Oh Tears Don't Lie SYSTEMATIC SYS 9
95 Whigfield Think Of You  SYSTEMATIC SYS 10
95 Baby D I Need Your Loving SYSTEMATIC SYS 11
95 Not Traced SYSTEMATIC SYS 12
95 Not Traced SYSTEMATIC SYS 13
95 Rochelle Think Twice (12") SYSTEMATIC SYS 14
95 Hyperlogic Only Me  (12") SYSTEMATIC SYS 15
95 Ororo Zombie (12") SYSTEMATIC SYSX 16
95 Cappella Tell Me The Way (12") SYSTEMATIC SYSX 17
95 Whigfield Close To You SYSTEMATIC SYS 18
95 Not Traced SYSTEMATIC SYS 19
95 Not Traced SYSTEMATIC SYS 20
95 Baby D So Pure - Digital Edit SYSTEMATIC SYS 21
95 Alex Party Wrap Me Up (12") SYSTEMATIC SYSX 22
95 Itty Bitty Boozy Woozy Tempo Fiesta (Party Time) (12") SYSTEMATIC SYSX 23
95 Whigfield Last Christmas (Dance Remixes) / Big Time (12") SYSTEMATIC SYSX 24
95 Mark' Oh Tears Don't Lie (Remixes) (12") SYSTEMATIC SYSX 25
96 Baby D Take Me To Heaven SYSTEMATIC SYS 26
96 Helicopter On Ya Way (12") SYSTEMATIC SYSX 27
96 Not Traced SYSTEMATIC SYS 28
96 Whigfield Sexy Eyes (12") SYSTEMATIC SYSX 29
96 Alex Party Read My Lips (12") SYSTEMATIC SYSX 30
99 Ann Lee 2 Times (12") SYSTEMATIC SYSX 31
2000 Ann Lee Voices (12") SYSTEMATIC SYSX 32
2000 Mary Griffin Perfect Moment (12") SYSTEMATIC SYSX 33
2000 GB United Zeus Dance (12") SYSTEMATIC SYSX 34
2000 Baby D Let Me Be Your Fantasy SYSTEMATIC SYSX 35
2000 Eartha Kitt Where Is My Man (12") SYSTEMATIC SYSX 36
2000 Not Traced SYSTEMATIC SYS 37
2000 Unknown Artist Sweet Dreams (12") SYSTEMATIC SYSX 38

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